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Ring of Seasons - Iceland, it's culture and historyWhether or not you have ever walked over Iceland's haunted landscape or simply been curious about what it has been like to survive in a country whose volcanoes periodically destroy homes and farmland, this book will interest you. Drawing on twenty-four years of living in Iceland and her training in the social sciences and languages, Terry G. Lacy has produced an enjoyable and highly informative portrait of Icelanders through the ages. Modern Icelanders come alive in episodes that follow an Icelandic family through a typical year, with their wry sense of humor intact. Other chapters show how to survive the erratic weather and the unstable geology. The book traces Icelandic history from 9th century Norse settlement with the establishment of one of the world's earliest democracies and describes the difficulties in later centuries, culminating with Iceland's present-day economic and artistic achievements. The author succeeds admirably in presenting a lively and intelligent introduction to Icelanders and Icelandic culture, the next best thing to a real visit.

How to order a copy:

Ring of Seasons (published 1998) is available in hardcover and paperback.
It can be ordered from Amazon.com or directly from the University of Michigan Press.
In the UK, your bookseller can order the book from the agent Plymbridge.
In Iceland, it should be ordered from the University of Iceland Press.

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